At Last.  A Double Glazing Alternative for Window Insulation and UV Protection…

… that costs much less and avoids the mess, and stress of a replacing your joinery of retrofitting double glazing to your existing windows.  Turn your existing ordinary windows into high performance insulated windows with this revolutionary new nano technology.

  • 99% UV Block
  • Cooler Rooms in Summer
  • Warmer Rooms in Winter
  • Lower Power Bills
  • 10 Year Guarantee


What is Thermal Glass Coat and how do we apply it?
What are the benefits of Thermal Glass Coat and how does it actually work?
Get the 2 for 1 benefit of this Nanotechnology. You get the winter and summer benefits of Double Glazing, plus 99% UV protection.

Thermal Glass Coat is a liquid that is applied to your existing windows, it is ‘touch dry, within a couple of hours to being clear transforming your windows into energy efficient windows, providing both Thermal Insulation and UV Protection.

alternatives to double glazing in nz

Being Applied

Nanotechnology window insulation nz

Clear after drying